4 Purposeful Pointers to De-stress!

You may have already read my Stress-Paralyzed Blog post, but here is a video break down for you of some purposeful pointers to decreasing stress.  In addition to the points noted in this video, I want to add and note that prayer comes with breathing.   When we are able to deep breath, calming our bodies and our minds, we allow time to focus and ask God for help as well.  Prayer does NOT need to be a formal action.  Matter of fact, prayer is simply a constant conversation throughout the day, and obviously more easily done when we are taking the time to slow down and breath!

If the video does not open right away, click here to view: 4 Pointers to De-stress!  That will also allow you to view it on YouTube directly so you can subscribe on my YouTube Channel! 🙂   Enjoy and RELAX!


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