My Story

My name is Mary Beth.  I am passionate about helping individuals grow and empowering others so they can live full lives in the purposes God has called them to.   I firmly believe that in order to be our best for one another and the community, we need to know and feel the value in who we are. (See my blog entry on self-acceptance for more)  My services are for those who feel lost, uncertain, confused, or stuck.  I want you to know that even in those dark, hopeless moments, that you are filled with purpose, even when you cannot feel it!

This passion did not always exist.  I have experienced feelings of purposelessness and worthlessness firsthand.   They can be outright crippling and prevent us from seeing our purposes.  Add on the stressors of life and it can be a recipe for misery and hopelessness. I assure you that it is not how God intended for us to live!

From my own experiences and in counseling others as a Master Social Worker for over 11 years, the biggest common truth I have found is that everyone wants to be loved and feel loved.  We want to know that we are enough and are of value.  We want to know that we have purpose.  We don’t often realize it in the everyday moments, but these are at the core of our surface level issues.  Being in a state of mind and spirit where we can fully claim all of these truths and know that we are of purpose is dramatically powerful to living well.

My professional background specifically includes work as a parent educator, home visitor, behavioral consultant and therapist, school social worker, case manager, clinical counselor, supervisor, and director.  I have worked with adults, parents, and children from babies all the way to college.  Currently, I am an online adjunct professor in the courses of psychology, human development, wellness, and counseling.  Personally, I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

All of these experiences surely give me credibility.  But they do not define who I am.  My credentials have helped shape me.  But they do not make me.  God gave me breath and life.  I have purpose and had purpose long before.  I am purpose.  And so are you.

I look forward to helping you on this journey of finding peace and purpose!