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Daily Ripples – 5 tips to Mindset Shifts

I love water.  I love drinking it and looking at it.  I love seeing the ripples water makes when you throw a pebble in a standing pond or the ripples from the cascading water down a brook or the massive ripples of waves in the ocean. God's beauty is astounding. I love feeling water on… Continue reading Daily Ripples – 5 tips to Mindset Shifts


4 Purposeful Pointers to De-stress!

You may have already read my Stress-Paralyzed Blog post, but here is a video break down for you of some purposeful pointers to decreasing stress.  In addition to the points noted in this video, I want to add and note that prayer comes with breathing.   When we are able to deep breath, calming our… Continue reading 4 Purposeful Pointers to De-stress!


Wellness…Wherever You Are

Surely, we can all live pretty well in a picture like that one above, right?  White sandy beach, crystal clear water, and a gorgeous sky!   What more would we need? But let's face it.  For most of us, this is not where we live - literally or figuratively.  Our lives are messy!  Life isn't… Continue reading Wellness…Wherever You Are

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You Are NOT Alone

"Tell me lies...Tell me sweet little lies (Tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies) Oh, no, no you can't disguise (You can't disguise, no you can't disguise) Tell me lies Tell me sweet little lies." Yes, you read right.  Those are Fleetwood Mac's song lyrics.  I heard this song on the radio just yesterday,… Continue reading You Are NOT Alone

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Self-acceptance and Embracing Imperfection 

If you are perfect and have it all together, this article is not for you. If you admit that you are imperfect, flawed, scarred, hurt, or insecure, then please continue reading. Accepting self?  Loving yourself?  What does that even mean?  Isn't that selfish?  These are some questions that may arise when the discussion of "self-love"… Continue reading Self-acceptance and Embracing Imperfection 

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The Paradoxes of Motherhood

You are a mom.  You're happy.  You're sad.  You're up.  You're down.  You feel alone and sad, but are totally in love with your little ones.    They bring you joy and happiness, but at times you feel depressed.  You move and go and do and clean and play, but are utterly exhausted underneath.  Your… Continue reading The Paradoxes of Motherhood

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Sleep Hazards

Sleep.  Simple enough.  A facet of every human's daily life.  We eat. We breath.  We sleep.  Many of us may not give enough thought to it. But we should. Sleeping is a survival need just as eating and good health.  Would we choose not to eat for a day or days?  With the exception of… Continue reading Sleep Hazards

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Stress Paralyzed

"I'm gonna get up and clean.  I'm gonna go right now.   Here we go. ... Nothing's happening!   I'm stress paralyzed." Husband responds, "Hun, I don't think that's a thing." Wife moans in response, "It might be a thing..."   This is an excerpt from the movie, Mom's Night Out.   The wife is sunken… Continue reading Stress Paralyzed