Work with Me 1:1

If you like what you’ve been reading and think, “I so needed to hear that” or perhaps you are in a rut and feel unsure of what next step to take or move to make, I would encourage you to consider contacting me for an online or phone coaching session. Emotional wellness is so important to our functioning and is derived from a holistic understanding of our being as well as the psychological and neurological components that stabilize our feelings and mood.

Perhaps you’re a stay-at-home parent and feeling a little lost in the everyday tasks of chores and parenting.

Or maybe you’re in a job you don’t want to be in or still looking for that right fit.

Or perhaps you are feeling insecure and need some outside encouragement/perspective along with concrete tools to live more positively.

If any of these sound familiar, you have come to the right place!

I firmly believe that in order to be our best for one another and the community, we need to know and feel our value (see my blog entry on self-acceptance for more).  I encourage you to do that today and let me help you renew your inner purpose again!


Sessions can be held through online video conferencing where we can chat face-to-face or through phone calls.  Here are just some elements (but certainly not all) of what we will cover together:

      • living authentically and intentionally 
      • increasing self-worth 
      • self-care and wellness development 
      • stress management/relief 
      • assertiveness training 
      • resiliency development
      • relationships support 
      • decision making and choice navigation
      • identifying emotions more clearly
      • coping method development 
      • core value and life passion identification 
      • life-work balance 
      • resume-building
      • communication building and role-plays
      • time management skills
      • organization skills
      • prioritizing and planning 


  • one-on-one support
  • personal development
  • motivational coaching 
  • goal-setting
  • action planning
  • accountability


Unlike other coaches, I am

  • A Licensed Masters Social Worker
  • A mental health professional with over 11 years experience counseling others as well as accredited with numerous additional continuing education courses throughout the years
  • An Adjunct Professor of collegiate courses in psychology,  human development, wellness, and counseling.


It is understood that coaching incorporates a form of counsel.  Though similar, there are some unique differences between therapy and coaching that are as follows:

  • Therapy includes needed complex approaches to abstract and often multi-dimensional issues.  Coaching is often a bit more direct and concrete.
  • Coaching allows for teaching and training in addition to listening (both of which can be frowned upon in the therapy chair).
  • Both include a need for change.  But therapy does not push it nor does it always expect it.  It is more about understanding the whys and hows of our behavior (though change is encouraged and cultivated over longer periods of time).  In coaching sessions, we will confront change head on.  Consider the broadly stated truth that doing the same thing over and over again will only produce the same results.
  • Though my counseling and assessment skills will certainly come in handy as we navigate the best course for you, we will not be limited by mental health procedures and labels (which are not always the best fit for helping individuals move forward). Don’t get me wrong.  The fact is many at times may need real therapy and have a real diagnosis they are battling.  You may have even been or are on that path right now.  Coaching is not a substitute for therapy.  But coaching provides a leg up and addresses the following questions:  What now?  What are the next steps?   What does wellness mean and what does that even look like for me personally?  I don’t have a diagnosis, but I just need accountability and help.  What direction do I want to take? More importantly, what do I feel called in and how do I define my purpose (in the now and in the future)?
  • You don’t need insurance, which works out well for the both of us.  This allows flexibility in our time together.  We can have phone sessions or online face-to-face meetings.  It is your call!  We are not limited by insurance billing parameters.
  • I’m not “treating” you.  Coaching allows for steady guidance, motivation, and inspiration with concrete tools.  But only you are in charge of change; the amount, the type, and the pace.
  • Coaching helps move individuals forward with a clear plan that isn’t hindered or limited by therapeutic/insurance terms and phrasing. Coaching allows us to get a bit more real, if you will.
  • Lastly, I will be quite frank.  Coaching allows me more freedom to help!  That may sound bizarre, but I am not burdened by case notes, assessment reports, field politics, state requirements, etc.  I am free and unburdened to focus on you and our time together.


This cost covers the following:

  • one-on-one guidance and accountability with me
  • tools I will share 
  • chat messages and/or emails 
  • prep time before and after 
  • business expenses 

1st 15 minute phone consult:  FREE!   Determine if my coaching is the right fit for you.

Clarity Session:  30 minutes: $30.00  or 50 minutes:   $50.00   *One time or as needed

Momentum Package:  3 separate weekly 50 minute sessions:  $135  (10% off original rate)

Powerhouse Package: 6 separate weekly 50 minute sessions:  $255 (15% off original rate)

*Sessions are conducted via phone or online through Skype (a free service) video.


Visit the Contact link at the top of the page.  Submit your contact information (name and email) and I will get back to you (within 24 hours or sooner) to schedule your first complimentary call.   I look forward to hearing from you!